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Benoit Charlet, integral coaching in the region of Charleroi


Sometimes we all need a little help

Coaching is the accompaniment of a person or a group in the mobilization of resources:

The coach will never act on the guided person’s behalf so as to recommend solutions. A coach will never impose solutions, even if these have been proven to work in the past.

The coach acts as a catalyst for change. This makes coaching the ideal tool for change.

Coaching is a means to progress.

My coaching approach is based on an integral, holistic and integrative vision

At your service

Change of career
Improving one’s skills, overcoming one’s fears with the aim of beginning a new life/career project.
Personal development
Understanding the life strategies that we have put into place and finding those that are best adapted to our situation.
Team coaching
Building an efficient and autonomous team. Designing a cohesive team, managing conflicts, getting the best out of every individual. To learn how to cooperate more effectively is to improve the well-being and the performance of a team.
Attaining one’s goals, reaching one’s dreams
Effective communication is the key to a better life
Crisis Management
How to get out of a crisis and turn it into a successful collaboration.
Multiplying one’s creativity a thousandfold
People Management
Reducing your own stress levels and motivating collaborators by improving their capabilities and increasing their skill set.

My tools

Man is at the centre of all organizations. Let’s take care of him!


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